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Patchwork Parker Knoll Before & After


I love the clean lines of retro furniture; they can easily work in a contemporary space by changing upholstery or wood finish and this exactly what I did with this 1950’s Parker Knoll chair.


The top upholstery wasn’t totally offensive, but I knew it was covering something more unpleasant.  When I took it off, I found a crusty velvet upholstery ….Mmmm! lovely, so off with it too.




When all the upholstery was removed I unearthed the original pillow back cushioning and rubber waffle seating, both where re-useable after a cleaning.




The frame got the usual pampering (sanded, treated & beeswax).   Its springs were in great shape but needed new fabric covering between them & cushioning with box pleats to accommodate their movement.  Then it was on with the cushioning & under cloth, ready for the fun; top upholstery.

I had a nice collection of fabrics in pale pink and greys which can add a feature to a neutral palette room.  Check out the results:




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3 thoughts on “Patchwork Parker Knoll Before & After

  1. Stephanie on said:

    Beautiful work, looking forward to seeing what comes next!

  2. Maureen on said:

    Chair looks amazing. I saw something like this in London but really expensive

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