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Bespoke Engagement Gift

When my very good friends Kerry & Niall told me they got engaged, I was so happy for them.  With party plans on the cards I started to think of an appropiate gift for the happy couple.   As they already owned their home, they had most of the standard engagment presents,  I wanted to get them something personal and unique that they wont find in another friends house.  I got a small list of what they still needed for their home, and on it was a chair for their kitchen, so off I went to the auction and here are the two options I found.



We had a look at the two options and decieded the tall printers chair would be most suitable.  The space for the chair was neat and this chair wouldnt feel too squished in.  Its frame would also sand back to match the tones of her kitchen.  Now for the make over.

When the rusty tacks came out and the musty vevet came off I found a broken wicker base, it could have been repaired but as we wanted a fabric upholstery with the colours of the kitchen, I removed the wicker and made it a new base.  I sanded the frame, treated it and lots of beeswax to protect it.  The new base was upholstered with a little remnant of Mulberry fabric to tie in with the kitchen beautifuly….check out its new look



Add a little bow to the present and she’s good to go..



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One thought on “Bespoke Engagement Gift

  1. kerry on said:

    Looks great!!

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